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May 2015


I lean over, hands on my thighs trying to catch my breath and not freak out.

Try again.

Eyes forward, deep breath, quick hands, relax.


Try again.

I glance up at the ceiling, close my eyes and release a stream of words that are highly undignified.

Try again.


Compose myself. Try not to throw the jump rope across the room.

Try again.


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What does the mirror show me today?

Fat or thin?

Curvy or lean?




Who is it I see;

do I love her? Read more…

May 21, 2015

Two Mothers

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As she stands carefully sorting her basket full of groceries into three separate piles, impatience begins to rise in my chest.

I am tired and hungry.

I am in wretched, smelly gym clothes.

I am in the express lane with well under the 20-item limit.

I take a deep breath and begin to fiddle with my phone, distracting myself from my irritation. Read more…

May 5, 2015


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two feet, two lungs, one heart

lifting me

high above the noise

of the city…

of my heart.

Steps, breath, beating,

I rise

higher and here

I can hear the locust,

my ear attuned to the bluebird -

I can hear myself.

Two feet, each aching step

a victory.

Two lungs, each breath

a symphony.

One heart, each beat

a miracle.

High above the noise

of life,

I hear LIFE.

~Deborah Linne


Hitting my head against the wall.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting the result to be different.

Spinning my wheels.

There are so many ways to describe the phenomenon of being stuck in a problem. It’s real, it’s common and it’s frustrating. Relationships. Weight. Kids. Coworkers. We seem to live with chronic stress and have often given up on finding a way out. Read more…