What does the mirror show me today?

Fat or thin?

Curvy or lean?




Who is it I see;

do I love her?

hate her?

envy her?

feel disgusted by her?

see beauty in her?

Is this looking glass the same as it was yesterday?

or did I change?

Did I gain 2o pounds overnight?

How did I get so beautiful?

so ugly?

so fair?

so foul?

When did I get so old?

Why do I look so young?

Am I letting myself slide?

I look like I climb.

This mirror shows me my body -

one aspect of this humanity.

It does not reflect my essence,

my intelligence,

the recesses of my heart,

my anger,

my animus,

 my love.

It reflects the non essential,

the secondary,

the minor.

Yet, I am drawn back


to judge myself harshly

by the image I see.