Dear Facebook friends ~

Do you want to know how I feel about your posts?


They make me seethingly jealous.

They lift my spirits.

They infuriate me.

They make me LOL.

They make me question your humanity.

They make me love you with a big, Pollyanna-ish, birds-flying-out-of-my-ass Love.

They make me swear off social media.

They make me miss you and return.

They make me feel like we’re losing what’s best in ourselves.

They give me hope.


And most of all, they mirror my own heart. The whole g**damn, messy AF, loving velocity of it.

And sometimes, I don’t want to see my own heart… the enviousness, the inhumanity, the maddening evil of it.


But yet, here we are. I’m looking at you, you’re looking at me. We’re stuck with each other, if we want to be. We are if we choose to allow each other autonomy and agency.

And I suppose I need you – from your cat videos, to your political memes, to the pictures of your kids, to your rants.

I don’t want to, but I do. You’re a microcosm of mankind and a macrocosm of friendship.

And it’s lame, but I love you for it.



“Go into the desert not to escape other men, but in order to find them in God.” -Thomas Merton

Photo by Providence Doucet via Unsplash