*photo is my beautiful best friend, reveling in a very human moment with her little Superman

Birth and death have so much in common. There is a sort of melancholy magic in the process of the formless spirit becoming flesh, then becoming spirit once again. I think that our time here on earth is a short window in the timeline of our souls – and what exquisite joy and pain it is to be human.

I want to feel this human-ness.

I don’t want to miss out on a single moment of the divinity of existence.


The warmth and suppleness of a baby swaddled and nursing at my breast at 3am.

My pleasure and surprise when a blueberry explodes in my mouth.

The way my heart was rent in two when my grandmother passed.

Being brave enough to tearfully gaze into a friend’s eyes and let her read between the lines, and having her reflect nothing but love and empathy in return.

Traveling across 12 time zones to meet a new daughter in a completely foreign country.

Bitterly cold, foggy mornings that make my teeth ache as I’m feeding animals.

Making love.

Having a horse run underneath me.

My daughter’s arms thrown over my chest and her legs over my legs as she gently snores in my ear, my presence being the thing that comforts her fear.


I don’t want to miss it. I want to feel it all. It is only available now, in this moment. It is hard and it is holy…and it is wholly Divine.