I am a storm.

Sometimes a hurricane

Sometimes freezing rain

Sometimes blazing heat

or dust.


You love like a sunny day;

You love me all straight and narrow,


while I love winding and wide

with no signs, no directions.


And sometimes I’m spinning

Gales and sheets of rain

reaching miles beyond me,

stirring up the water – 


And you, with unbreakable mast,

sail directly for the center-

Not merely surviving, 

but arms open wide, sails full of wind,

head thrown back,

smiling as the drops hit your face

like the tempest is beautiful.


You point at the heart of the storm 

without speaking-

knowing its power,

condensing the energy,

pointing it in the right direction.


The heart of the storm

is the heart of me

and you’re not afraid,

so neither will I be.


deb linne