My thoughts have exploded into a million pieces and are floating flotsam above my head. I try to reach up and catch them and piece them back together, but they turn to dust on my fingertips. I let go and look up and they’ve formed back into broken bits of gravel, irritating my mind.


I arrive and sit on the mat, placed in my favorite spot where the sunlight filters through the window; and I begin to rein in my breath.


I stretch my hips back and my hands forward, my forehead on the ground, and begin to breathe deeper. I am asked for more honesty and so I make a couple of minor adjustments. The floodgates open and the tears begin to fall. I don’t stop them while I begin to move through the first poses.


Then the practice heats up and I begin to focus – stretching each pose long, as slow as my breath will allow. I find length and fluidity in my body and my breath. I dance with air, with my heart. I meld bone to muscle.


I scoop all of the intentions and light from those around me and gather it near my heart, allowing them to fill me with goodness. I can feel their breath on the back of my body and I accept it.


All of the thoughts floating above my head have begun to take shape and are spinning into a focused light, entering the place in my brain where they belong, where later I can make sense of them.


I don’t think now; I just move – my mind in complete stillness and connectedness with my heart.


I am full.


I practice. I play. I laugh and smile and then I rest, sinking into the clarity that was with me all along.