Reader, Thinker, Writer, Lover.

I am cocooned in a symphony of sound.

Each melody, specific,

Each accent, amplifed.


In the distance, a train’s engine rumbles

as it clatters along the tracks,

a low, mournful horn song drifts on the

dense morning air.

Every bird song is distinct –

Twitters and squeaks

Chatters and winnows

Some percussive

Others rhythmic:

A dawn chorus.

The clouds push it down to my waiting ears,

rather than allowing it to escape upwards.


The farm is my chamber

for a musical festival

where I am surrounded,



I shiver and smile

and pull my jacket close around me

the mist falling across my face.

The cottonwood in the distance

a ghost,

black and skeletal.

March 12, 2015

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Like scouts, they arrive

quietly and unannounced -

soldiers of spring,

but weaponless,

only harbingers of the larger regiment to follow. Read more…

January 23, 2015

Abuela, Mi Amor

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Hair always dyed a shade of youth and vigor,
remnants coloring the papery skin around her ears and forehead.
Little round body that tells the hard tale of Mexican women-
low to the ground for work and round in the hips for babies.
Breasts too small for her body and a heart muscle too weak for all that she would feel and experience.
Ankles swollen, eyes rheumy, thick glasses. Her Spanish not accepted; English not sufficient.
House dresses in so many flowered patterns, some shade of pink always on her lips- creeping through the lines forming there.

And she was beautiful. Magnificent. The Queen of my heart. Read more…

January 22, 2015


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When the perceiving heart goes haywire

And the circuits are overloaded,

a devil lies behind every bush.

Around every corner, a monster. Read more…

January 19, 2015


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Come closer.

Warm your hands near the fire of my heart.

Come closer.

Circle yourself around my ribcage

and absorb

the heat, Read more…

January 11, 2015


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The moon arrives each afternoon

no sooner than it left, it seems…

The hours of weakened sunlight zoom by

as if being chased by

some great winter beast.

The rays hide to the south,

lurking behind storms and clouds…

All the earth

begins to still and slide into rest,

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January 11, 2015


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It is breaking through -

New grass in a spring pasture

Working to find cracks

    and holes

In which to reach for sunlight.

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January 10, 2015

Body of a Woman

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Picasso'sMother and Child and Studies of Hands

I step out of the shower, surrounded by mirrors. Every day, I revisit the stretch marks from pregnancy. Check. The sagging skin from my weight loss. Check. My miniscule chest. Check. I look away.

I have gone marking the atlas of your body

with crosses of fire…”

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