It is breaking through -

New grass in a spring pasture

Working to find cracks

    and holes

In which to reach for sunlight.

At times it hurts;

A painful growth of a love that frightens me.

My bones ache with the discovering of it.

And like a tree,

its roots sink deep

into ancient places in my heart

long brushed aside

for places

   more cosmopolitan.

The roots reach down….

    into my gut

    and into my spirit

And the web through the

nucleus of every cell

    of my mind.

How have you caught me,

     Great Beast?

When I am to have caught you?

What magic have you cast?

What spell have you spun?

Your dark eyes speak of instinct and knowledge -

   maybe loyalty,

but also of fear and curiosity.

I feel my heart surrendering to your breath ,

and the heat of your body,

and the innocence of your existence.

Gold begins to overlay

   the cracks and empty spots-

with every velvety nibble on my shoulder.

You’re full of strength and power

But you willingly place yourself

in my hands, trusting…

Inviting me to trust you in return.

~Deborah Linne