Let’s go back.

Before you left us. Before you thought that was the only way.

Let me tell you that girl didn’t matter in the big scheme of things.

Let me show you the beautiful blonde who will make you forget her and the four kids who will share your face.

Let me tell you that those bad grades will be forgotten.

Let me tell you that the fight with your parents will pass and that they love you relentlessly. And that they know you really don’t hate them despite what you said.

Let me tell you how handsome you are; and that the girl who said that about your body only said it to distract herself from how much she hates hers.

Let me tell you that not making that team opened the door to another hobby you will like even more.

Let me tell you that the trauma you experienced when you were 8 will not always define you.

Let me tell you that the bully that won’t leave you alone on social media will live a sad, measly life while you move onto bigger things.

Let me tell you that you are not alone in your depression and that the darkness can only fill you when you step out of the light. Let me show you the light.

Let me tell you all of the wonderful things your friends posted on your facebook wall about you.

Let me show you a map of all of the places you haven’t seen.

Let me show you how to breathe.


Let’s reverse this.

Let’s go back.

You were too young to know any better, but I have things to show you.