I cannot ignore her.

I wander outside at dawn, on a cool September morning,

and she is shimmering…undeniable in her presence,

rising above the

first orange and pink layers of sunrise,


She floats between

what is done,

and what is yet to be.

A half moon

lazily moves to her west,

wrapping up it’s work,

cool and plump and orbital;

but she is all sharpness and edges.

The heat and pressure

that make her uninhabitable

also make her the most beautiful,

blazing in intensity.

She is copper,

the mirror of the goddess:

both alluring and dangerous,

ravishing and perilous.

Look away, or worship her –

there is no way

to feel ambivalent.

She is celestial.

Unearthly, divinely feminine, heart-stopping.

She beautifies,


Portends and challenges…

and then she dissolves

and merges with the

power of the sun

until I need her again.

I look at her and I awaken –

I have an instinct to burn

and radiate

and love.