Every pose is a puzzle.


Every puzzle has a solution. It’s just about putting the pieces together.


Find the balance sweet spot. Too little push and your feet will stay cemented to the ground. Too much, and you’ll launch onto your face. (All photographic evidence of these attempts has been destroyed.) The balance sweet spot is in the center and can be found through a combination of curiosity, playfulness and focus.


Tap into your strength. You’ve trained and practiced. You have the tenacity and the muscle memory. Channel it. Dive into it. Trust it. Hold yourself up by the power of your will and your heart. Breathe and let your strength do the work for you.


Dare to fly. Gravity only limits the timid. Be courageous. Your imagination is your only boundary, so open up the top of your head and allow your dreams to lift you into flight. Ingenuity and invention drive realization.


Wait, am I talking about yoga? Or life?